Parking Lot Striping Amarillo consists of painting your parking lot. This includes the stripes that help to mark off parking spaces; the symbols used to indicate which parking spaces are reserved for the handicap, arrows on the ground to let drivers know if a lane is one direction, marking off pedestrian walkways and painting curbs to indicate load zones or fire zones. However, parking lot striping is not a one time job. It may need to be repeated every few years. Here are a few of the reasons why parking lot striping needs to be redone.

Weather Has Caused the Stripes Fade
One of the reasons why parking lot striping may need to be repeated is because the weather has caused the stripes to fade. Rain, snow and even sun beating on the paint day in and day out cause it to fade and to crack and chip away. If you walk outside and notice the lines seem to be harder to see and they look like they may be flaking away, you will want to have them repainted.

Drivers Have Worn Down the Paint
Another reason why parking lot striping needs to be redone is because drivers have worn the paint down. As a car drives over the paint, it slowly wears down a bit. Repeat this process day in and day out by hundreds or thousands of drivers and you can see why the paint may fade and wear away. Those who have busy parking lots tend to have to have parking lot striping done more frequently than those with smaller, quieter parking lots.

The Asphalt Parking Lot Has Been Resurfaced
The last reason why you may need to have parking lot striping redone is because your asphalt parking lot has been resurfaced. When an asphalt parking lot is resurfaced, a new layer of asphalt is added to the top of yours. The lines are not visible through this new, thick, black layer. As such, you will have to have all of the lines painted in from scratch. This is your opportunity to change the layout of the parking lot, make spaces bigger or change the flow, if needed. You can also check to similar sites like for more info!

If you own a parking lot, you can be sued if you fail to properly maintain the lot and accidents occur. You can check this link right here now to know about these kind of incidents in detail. Parking lot striping Amarillo helps to ensure that everything is properly marked in your parking lot to keep it safe for pedestrians and drivers. This minimizes your liability and helps to keep those in your parking lot safer.