Pavement maintenance services extend the life of drive ways and your parking. Pavement maintenance program services want to contribute towards extending the life your valuable investment. Amarillo undergoes a variety of weather changes that range from extreme summer heat to frigid cold winters which can be very tough on your pavement, especially if it is made of asphalt.

The harsh Amarillo sun ultraviolet rays are known to bake the flexibility properties and critical strength out of your asphalt pavement. This can affect the pavement marking even more than what driving over it will, and it also leaves the pavement itself brittle, with several hairline cracks that easily permit moisture to break down your pavement faster. Avoid that costly replacement by hiring experts with access to the proper sealcoating equipment so they will preserve your pavements for longer.

Why Contract Pavement Maintenance Program Service

The rising cost of infrastructure has made it critical to seek cost-effective and better ways to manage assets. With such increasing costs, the value of materials also becomes more expensive. This makes it imperative to identify and engage reputable firms known to offer quality pavement maintenance services.

Some of the benefits that come with contracting pavement maintenance program include prolonging the life of the asphalt pavement and also improving its appearance. This is achieved through professionally applying commercial seal coating to protect it from all manner of damage caused by the weather elements or oil products. In addition to asphalt paving maintenance, make sure as well not to forget about parking lot lighting services.

Pavement maintenance program service is operated and owned by a long time resident of Texas Panhandle, Rick Korsmo, who understands the dynamics of the local weather and pavement maintenance. Property managers and owners always find value in linking up with firms that are not only reputable but committed to quality.

By contracting our services, you benefit from:

• Sun block that prevents oxidation
• Weatherproofing that seal porous asphalt surfaces

• Oil resistant seal coating

• Improved pavement appearance


Timely pavement maintenance not only prolongs the lifespan of your pavement but also renews its condition and appearance. That is where the pavement maintenance program in Amarillo steps in. Allow us to extend the life of your pavement with the best services around. We value quality workmanship and give focus to providing timely services.