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How Can We Help You?

“Let Amarillo’s own Pro Property Maintenance Protect Your Blacktop Investment”

The Problem

The harsh ultraviolet rays of the Amarillo sun bake the critical strength and flexibility properties out of your asphalt, leaving it brittle and filled with hairline cracks that allow moisture in to break it down.  Avoid that expensive asphalt replacement by allowing our Amarillo team to apply “Gem Seal” coating.

The Product

Our “Gem Seal” coating products and Seal coating team can help you preserve your asphalt investment – seal coating can DOUBLE the life of your asphalt!

The Pros

  • Sun Block: Seal coating prevents oxidation by forming a tough outer barrier.
  • Weatherproofing: Seal coating seals the porous asphalt surface, preventing that damaging water penetration.
  • Oil resistant: Seal coating seals from the deteriorating effects of automotive fuels and oils as well as other harsh chemicals.
  • Appearance: Seal coating provides that jet black finish, a new appearance that improves the image of any business. Make a GREAT first impression!