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Asphalt cracks are not only unsightly but threaten the strength and integrity of your pavement investment and need to be treated promptly. Neglecting the cracks only accelerates the damage. Cracks allow water to penetrate the pavement and undermine the base, the asphalt’s foundation, which causes the voids which in turn creates potholes and greater breakdown. Crack seal is a cost effective way to protect your investment and it is your first line of defense against pavement deterioration.

The process of crack seal begins with sweeping, blowing, and weed eating to remove any dirt and debris. The rubberized crack fill material is heated to at least 325* and poured into the cracks. The extreme heat application causes the sides of the asphalt cracks to melt and form a strong bond with the crack fill when it cools. The applied crack seal can be ready for traffic in a couple minutes. We service Amarillo, Borger, Canyon, Dumas, Dalhart, and the surrounding areas.